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“It takes courage to grow up and turn out to be who you really are" -E. E. Cummings

Service Description

Are you living a life that is not in tune with your soul's purpose? It is often said that our lives are an outer reflection of our inner most thoughts, beliefs, actions, and values. Reflect on that a moment. What does your life say about you? Breakthrough is a safe place where you can meet with me as a coach and work through your life journey. We touch on where you've been, where you are going, and take a hard look at where you are currently and where you want to go. This program is a commitment you make to yourself through accountability, self awareness, and mindset. There is no limit as to what can be brought up in conversation. This is an open, judgement free space where we can talk about health, relationships, wealth, career, personal development, childhood beliefs and scars, self destructive behaviors, personal development, and so much more. Your life is happening right now, whether you choose to partake in it or not. Life will either happen with you or to you, and you need to decide which you prefer. My opinion is that you might as well jump in and become engaged. The work is hard and will test you on a lot of levels, but it is time to make the decision to make YOU a PRIORITY. The length of your program will depend on you & your individual needs. I always say that we will work until. Until you heal, until you love yourself, until you work through the pain and your current circumstances, until you feel better, more free, more empowered and strong. We will work until you Breakthrough. What you get: • • Private coaching sessions via phone, Zoom, or FaceTime • Invite to Basecamp, which allows 24-hour access to documents, calendars, and the message board, with response to messages M-F within 24 hours • Increased Confidence • Reconnect with your soul’s purpose • Deep sense of connection, love, and compassion for yourself • Learn self-worth, boundaries, and respect • Gain tools & practices that create sustainable change & growth • Embrace long-term commitment to living your best life as your authentic self • Commit to achieving a goal and sticking with it • Prioritize yourself & what you want for your life without guilt or shame • Heal & release the past so you can embrace the future

  • 45 minutes
  • 125 US dollars
  • US

Cancelation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please contact us at least 24 hours in advance. Bookings are non-refundable.

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