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Updated: Oct 13

When I tell people that I am a Holistic Nutritionist, Holistic Health Coach, Yoga Instructor, and

Herbalist, I get a lot of wide-eyed blank stares looking back at me. I also tend to get a lot of flak

(mostly in good nature) and labeled a “hippy dippy, foo foo, voodoo person”. LOL. I am not sure

what that means in particular, but I think it just means that people see me as “different”, “silly”,

“odd” and “unconventional”. Which, I suppose to some extent, I am.

I have found I am often the one in the group who is a little more alternative, more open to the

possibility of allowing Mother Earth to be my guidance and healing formality. After all, there is

no other place I feel more at home than lost on a mountain or sitting next to a winding

riverbed. Maybe unknown to most, I also tend to be the one in the group who has a history of

chronic medical conditions, and I suppose, until you have been a part of the realities of our

medical system without anything more to show than a lot of medical debt, one may not

understand the need and drive to educate oneself on all modalities of healing. I know for me

personally, the only true healing I ever received came from the conscious choice to do

something different and outside the conventional medical paradigm. I have never been the

type to just do as I am told, which in my teens may have caused me more trouble than it was

worth, but in my adulthood became the single most important trait that ended up saving my

life. I was not going to give up, and when no one would help me or could understand why I was

so sick, I chose to listen to my own intuition and find my own answers. Thus, leading me down

the path that ultimately led me to my current passion and professions.

So, what exactly do my titles mean?

You may be most familiar with Yoga Instructor and Herbalist. Those are straight forward and

definitely more mainstream. Most people know what a nutritionist does but are confused by

the word “holistic” in front of it. The real glazed looks tend to come when I say I am an Holistic

Health Coach. I want to break these down for you and how I use them in my life and practice, as

well as give you a better understanding of what I do.

Let’s start with the title most people understand, Yoga Instructor. It seems like everywhere you

look these days there is a studio popping up, an influencer posting pictures in contorted body

positions, or people walking around in yoga attire. Its often touted as an excellent way to get a

long, lean, and defined body, which is true, but there is so much more.

Yoga is about unity, bringing together the mind, body, and spirit. It is not a religion, but rather a

way of life. It’s not just something you do three nights a week for thirty minutes. When you

really integrate the principles, philosophy, and history, you begin to understand yoga is a

journey of health, healing, balance, and self-discovery. It requires you to study the human body

and all its systems; and have an awareness of how every part of your body works in perfect

unison. It’s the first place I began to fall in love with the raw magnificence of my own beautiful

vessel. It truly is perfectly designed and the finest artistic masterpiece I have ever come to

learn. I began to appreciate all that is required in each moment for our body to run at optimal

levels. Through this discovery and appreciation, I started to see my body as a fine piece of

architecture. The details that went into making it run concisely were fascinating to me. I began

to get a slight “aha!” moment when I realized how everything fit together and how each system

supports each other and how interconnected it all really is. And just as a beautiful building

needs to be maintained to stay in optimal condition, I began to understand exactly what my

body needed in order to run smooth, precise and fluid.

This led me to inquire about becoming an Holistic Health Coach. I wanted to learn more about

the things that were jamming up the signals in my body. Why was I surrounded by people who

ate and lived a similar lifestyle as me, but were not having the same health issues or were

experiencing different ailments, but just as debilitating as mine ? I was really flummoxed. I

originally started the education solely based on my desire to make better health choices for my

body, but I really lacked an understanding of what that really meant. I began to learn about bio

individuality and how precise and individualized health and wellness really are specific to every

individual person. I also started to understand that it is more than just what you put into your

body, it is also what goes on your body and what you surround your body with environmentally

and socially. It was the first time that I realized that my genetics were not solely who I would

become. I became aware that the choices I made and how I chose to live my life were a more

determinant factor than my DNA. My mind began to awaken to a whole new world of

possibilities and for the first time amidst my chronic illnesses, I really began to feel hope that

what I was experiencing in the now was not necessarily what I would have to experience in the


What exactly is an Holistic Health Coach? Basically, it means that I am a supportive

mentor/coach who strives to help my clients feel their best while meeting their wellness goals,

generally personalized around lifestyle and food choices that work best for them and their

values and beliefs. As a health coach, I provide you with support, accountability, and guidance

in areas such as exercise, nutrition, relationships, career, and spirituality as you embark on your

holistic wellness journey.

The truth of the matter is that real health and wellness come from establishing good health

nutritionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. It’s about really taking the time to dissect your

life in this moment without judgement. It’s not about what you are doing right or wrong; or

even good or bad, that’s irrelevant. You don’t know what you don’t know. You're marketed and

swayed to believe the newest trends every time you check social media or turn on the

television, which I think we all know is a mixed bag of messages generally geared towards

profits and not necessarily human wellness. I am a firm believer that when you know better you

do better and that is ultimately what matters; the fact that you continue to expand and grow.

Its not important to focus on the past and what choices you made yesterday or even this

morning. I want to know what choice you are going to make right now that will change the

trajectory of how you live your life. I want to support and build you up so you can become the

person you were always destined to be. That is what it means to me when I tell you I am a

Holistic Health Coach.

I was so fascinated by what I was learning that I simply couldn’t get enough of it. I was starting

to align with my true purpose in life and it felt damn good. I was implementing what I learned

into my own life and I was slowly getting healthier, more confident and began to align with

what I believe is my true purpose in life: teaching, educating, listening, and helping people

change their lives for the better. There is no greater joy for me than seeing someone change

their life in a positive direction. It’s beautiful to watch and a blessing to take part in.

I continued my training and education in intensive specialty courses directed to specific topics

of health and wellness so I could really have an in depth understanding of particular issues I was

encountering repeatedly. Those courses were Thyroid Health Program, Food as Medicine

Program, Holistic Health Cooking Program, Coaching Intensive, Master in Coaching,

and New Healers Master Coaching, as well as currently being enrolled in a 6-month Hormone Health

Program. I am a firm believer in continuing education to stay actively up to date with the most

current information on how I can best support you on your healing journey.

Through this learning journey I was starting to heal myself from chronic issues I have had for

years and in some cases, decades. I was so intrigued, I wanted to take my education to the next

level. Simultaneously, I began my journey of becoming an Herbalist and Holistic Nutritionist. I

wanted to be able to develop meal plans for people and have the credentials and training to

really help people understand food. I also wanted to really be able to understand what I was

putting into my body and how that affected me on a cellular level and the impact each decision

I made affected how my body, mind, and spirit functioned. It took a lot of hard work, but I am

now a Holistic Nutritionist.

So, what does that mean? A Holistic Nutritionist takes a natural approach to diet and lifestyle

by focusing on the whole person. I evaluate your health history regarding your emotional state,

lifestyle habits and dietary choices. I take the information you provide me, and we discuss

where you are currently and your goals moving forward. We work together to establish a plan

that will help you live your best life. It’s not about the newest fads or trends, it’s about listening

to you and finding a way of meshing your beliefs and the things that are important to you into a

realistic reality of healthy living so you can live a healthy life.

The last title I want to talk about is Herbalist. I have been dabbling in herbalism now for a while,

but really wanted to take it to the next level when I started learning more about the plants and

the effects they can have on our bodies through various courses I was taking. I am a novice at

herbalism and have really come to understand that it takes years to really appreciate and gain

an in-depth comprehension of herbal medicine. It’s not just about learning the plants and what

they can do for certain ailments, which I have a pretty good grasp on, but really moving beyond

the Western approach and learning to take the time to develop a deep relationship with the

plants. You notice how they truly have their own language which is spoken often through color,

shapes, and observational energetics. I can use herbs to assist you in your healing journey. I

believe once you begin using herbs and see the profound affect they can have on the human

body and the restorative process, you will be as amazed as I often find myself at how we really

have access to all the medicine we need, and with a little understanding and patience, we can

really begin to watch our bodies do what they want to do, which is return to a state of ease and


I have also started to embark on another journey. I decided to get my Bachelor of Science in

Alternative Medicine. It was a huge undertaking currently in my life, but it is something I love

dearly. I want to wake up every day and do exactly what I love, and I believe this will help me to

further my current knowledge base. Everything I do is not only for myself and my family, but for

the people I help. I am constantly seeking more information so I can help more people. It is my

hope to help ease and eradicate people’s suffering. That is my true calling in this life and I am

ready to step up to the plate and do the work. My ultimate dream would be to become a

Doctor. What that looks like, I am not sure. It started out in my heart as a whisper, and it kept

getting louder and louder. Staring a new career at my age seemed ludicrous. Yet here I am.

Scared, vulnerable, and equally ecstatic to be chasing my dreams. Anything really is possible.

I think overall, the real beauty I find within my practice and my life long educational journey is:

The body is perfectly and magnificently made. It wants to reside in a state of conscious

awareness and balance, and it is relying on you to give it the proper fuel and energy to perform

at its peak level. I think it is beyond time to move past this false judgement we seem to have of

our bodies. Trust me, I have been there. I have been a size two and a size eighteen. I wanted my

body to be anything but what it was. However, somewhere along my journey I discovered how

much I love my body and all its perceived imperfections. I learned to thank my body for carrying

me through this experience of life. How wonderful that I have arms to hug my children and eyes

to see them grow. What a blessing after every time I abused my body that it healed itself. What

a miracle that I have been so sick I never thought I would live to see my kids next birthdays, but

here I am – continuing to heal and enjoy another day. I’m not saying every day is perfect, I am

after all an imperfect being. However, I continue to learn, teach, and grow every day. I am

thankful for what each of my titles has taught me and I continue to look forward to helping

educate and uplift individuals while taking part in their souls’ journey.



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