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I've been working on conquering my goals for my business, and one of them is to learn to be more creative in my blogging and posts. I am by no means an expert, but I am proud of this sample post I did. These are photos from my 39th birthday post - moments from my year, age 38-39.

When I watch this video, it is beautiful, raw, and emotional. Where I thought my life was going on my 38th birthday is not where it even came close to ending up. That was one of my favorite birthdays that had a surprise visit from someone I loved very much. That was the direction I thought my life was heading. Man was I wrong 😂 Almost one year later to the day, it was literally the complete opposite 🤦‍♀️😀

In this video I see a woman who was fighting really hard to be seen and heard, a woman who wanted to have purpose and to matter. I see someone who loves her family desperately, but is also trying to find a way to love herself. I see moments of reminiscing with old friends, cheering on Koyer, & laughing with Hank. I see moments of great pride, like when I spent so many hours working on my house that I had bought myself. I see moments of deep sorrow, like losing my dog, who was one of my dearest and best friends. I see a woman who made the hard decision to choose a different life and the start of her journey. I see someone who was terrified and in pain, but who got up every day and fought through some of the hardest challenges I have ever faced, which is saying something because I have had some challenges people 😅 I see deep deep grief and unbelievable heartache. I hurt now just seeing some of those painful moments. But, do you know what else I see? I see triumph, strength, fortitude, courage, laughter, grit, determination, and above all - I see love.

This is literally the end of one life and the transition into a new one. It is a journal of sorts. A snapshot of who I was and who I am becoming. I love that woman who did the very best with what she had. I give her the longest, tightest, lasting hug. I bow to her in respect and gratitude. I love her very much and am in part, sad to see her go. It is a hard goodbye.

This life is full of surprises. Some are good and some are really hard. But to all of my friends that are getting up every day and showing up for your family, your kids, your friends, and YOURSELF - I see you; and you being here matters. Keep up the good fight! You just never know what lies over the top of that mountain you're climbing. Might be the best view you've seen yet 🥰🤘🧗♥️


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