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They Already Gave You Their Answer


I am a major people pleaser and I just could not understand 🤦‍♀️😂 I was a little slow on the uptake as to why “they” didn’t want to still be my friend. I mean, I wanted to be “theirs”!! 🤓🤦‍♀️😝

But, it’s true. Watch their behavior. How they treat you is what you mean to them. Accept it. Close that door and move the f* on. Let go. It’s over.

The partner who is going to love me is going to get the improved me, the person I was never allowed to be or could be in the before.

Before I learned to love me. Before I knew how special I really am. Before I knew how capable I could be. Before I knew how to fly 🦅

I’m better than I’ve ever been. Get ready to be loved like I’ve never loved before because I am ready for you. Ive been doing my work and I’ve been praying for you.

And God has been answering all my prayers in his infinite wisdom and timing. It’s going to be so good and so right. I can’t wait 👏👏

I know. You want closure. You want to know why. You want answers. You want to hear them say something that will make your pain go away.

What if I told you, they already gave you their answer.

Their silence speaks volumes. Their disappearance tells you they are done. Their unwillingness to talk to you explains a simple fact: They are not capable of giving you what you need.

Your need for “closure” is another form of people-pleasing.

You want the other person who disrespected you to take away your discomfort because you can’t stand the idea that somebody doesn’t like you. That’s why you’re looking for closure.

When they left, broke up, cheated, disappeared, or stopped talking to you, they told you everything that you need to know. It’s over. You don’t need to open up a dialogue, you need to close the door for yourself.

You can miss someone, and not want them back. You can watch someone walk out the door and close it behind them. Accept their actions as the only explanation you need, then be grateful that they are gone and remind yourself that you deserve more.

~ Mel Robbins


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