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Holistic Nutritionist

A holistic nutritionist is a person who advises other people on how to live a healthy lifestyle and achieve health goals through the food that they put into their body.

My designation allows me to:

  • Coach clients on how to correct the nutritional causes of major health complaints

  • Design personalized lifestyle programs for optimal, log term health and quality of life

  • Educate on good holistic nutrition and healthy eating habits

  • Explore principles of nutrition, diet modifications, & food plans, selection, and preparation

  • Evaluate nutritional needs, diet restrictions, and current health plans

  • Organize and evaluate foods for each individual’s needs

  • Consult on habits for consciously eating healthy foods that promote vibrant physical and mental health while supporting a strong immune system and preventing disease

  • Direct clients on the benefits of a plant-based diet, macro and micronutrient intake, herbs, spices, different dietary theories, and other nutrition considerations

I decided to get my certification in Holistic Nutrition because I am a firm believer that you are not only what you eat, but you are also what your food eats. It is so important to know about the food that we put into our bodies because we literally become what we eat through cell regeneration and the energy the food gives us. When we know where our food comes from and how it is produced, we can make informed decisions about what we put into our bodies. Holistic Nutrition is so much more than food, it is about the connection to how we live our life and the choices we make. When you meet with me, we will go over your intake form together. Once I have a thorough understanding of your needs, I will develop a program that will suit your dietary choices and lifestyle needs. You will receive a menu and dietary action plan to get you started on your new journey to a healthier life.

I truly do believe that food is thy medicine, even if you are not sick. Even if you are just trying to lose a few pounds or are just wanting to make some different choices when it comes to what you put in your body. My goal is to educate people on their food choices. Even making minor changes can make a huge difference. I am not perfect. I am like a lot of you, still struggling to make the right choices. Sometimes, even I fall back on emotional habits and comfort foods. It's OK to make mistakes. What matters is that you don't stay in that place and that you continue to keep trying. I truly believe that people become nutritionists because they care about other people and want to help them be healthy so they can have a long life full of quality moments. At least, that's the reason why I did. I truly want to see you improve your health. When you feel good about yourself and the choices you are making, you pass that down to your families. You start a new lifestyle for the people you love and then you are giving the greatest gift you can give to your family and friends - longevity of health. What a great gift and a blessing! That is how we change our legacy, and it starts with one person, YOU, taking the first step. It will be difficult, but I promise you, it will be well worth the battle.

If you are interested in starting Day One of your journey, you can start by signing up for your free Consultation. From there, we will decide together which program is right for you. I look forward to working with you and seeing your growth! xoxo, Stephanie


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