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Father's Day 2022

Another Father’s Day come and gone. Another card not bought and another phone call not made. Another day of missing you. They just don’t seem to end. Though days like this are hard, it’s also an opportunity to face the grief head on. There is no choice really. It’s in every store, every restaurant, and every post I read. For me, this day is bittersweet. I do like that it forces me to look at photos of you. To sit with the pain. For in that sitting are also memories, and I get to traipse down a path littered with the good stuff too. As I sit here watching the night sky and the mountains lit up with the lights of many families no doubt celebrating the dads in their lives while the music from the live band at the local brewery floats up the canyon, and the perfect warmth of a summer evening soothes my heart, I think of you with a smile. I still see you young and strong. I guess one of the benefits of leaving so soon - you never grow old. I miss you every day and I think of you often. Mostly when I’m out exploring and always when I stop to pet someone’s dog. In my oldest son’s name and in my youngest son’s chin, there you are, living right along side us. Though I will always have an ache when I think of you, I also am happy and grateful that you are my dad. I love you very much and miss you even more 💗 You are my #1 Hero ❤️🤍💙Happy Fathers Day!! 🥰😘


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