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AZ, Here I Come!

4,591 miles, roughly 64 hours, 12 days,1 “Adult Adult”, 3 “Adult” kids, and 1 little boy (this trip!)😅 It has taken a team to help me make this journey into a fresh start.

When I made this decision the first Friday in March of this year I had no idea what I had set myself up for 🥴 I have spent the past 3 months flying back and forth from Tucson to Montana every two to three weeks, selling my home that I had just bought and completely renovated, and working in between, while also going to school (though I’m taking the summer off 😅).

I have had moments of complete confidence and moments of being completely terrified. I have had moments of complete joy and moments of devastating pain. And I’m thankful for every single moment because it has forced me to grow 💗

I have driven some beautiful roads and seen things I had only ever dreamed of seeing or talked about doing some day. Overall, I have put over 12,000 miles on my car in the past 3 mos and flown over 7,000 miles. I have conquered so many fears and really LIVED. I have met some of the most unique and fun people who have had a huge impact on me. I have hiked hours upon hours, discovering this new terrain and the beautiful mountains near my home. I have learned to really listen to myself, speak my truth, and to enjoy all the quiet moments with my kids. I have learned to stop worrying about all the things that just don’t matter and enjoy whatever the day brings. What a gift! I have no idea where this new journey is taking me, but I’m curious to see where I am in a year and what my life will look like 🤔 🙌

This past 12 days have been so much FUN!! We went to Navajo Bridge, the zoo, the splash park, swimming in our pool, the aquarium in Phoenix, Hoover Dam, Lake Meade, Vegas, and the Lagoon amusement park in Salt Lake City. We drove through parts of Joshua Tree National Park (Beautiful!), Zion National Park (Gorgeous) , and of course drove the Big Sky Canyon (Breathtaking) and West Yellowstone.

I loved each experience, but probably had the most fun with Hank at Lagoon. Seeing him so excited and enjoying the rides brought me so much joy. This half of my life I want more of these experiences and moments!! So much fun!!

I’m not going to lie though, it is good to be home and I’m looking forward to some much needed rest 🤷‍♀️😂😁

Until the next adventure 👏😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘


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